Fora do Eixo’s Congress will take place in December, at the federal capital

The meeting, that happens between days 01 and 07 of december, will be marked by debates at the National Congress and the presence of networks of all Latin America. The applications are open until November 30th

From December’s 1st to 07th, cultural and free media makers from all over the country will be together in Brasilia to evaluate the year of 2013, trought conjecture analysis, and to make alliances that will mark the coming year of 2014. At the opportunity, themes such as politics; economy; free formation, between others, will be in evidence, gathering at the table cultural coordinators and producers; journalists; free media workers; artists; researchers; legislators and interested people from all over Brazil and other countries of Latin America during the 07 days of activities.

The gathering will take place right after the 3rd National Culture Conferece that will gather thousands of cultural agents at the federal capital until december’s 1st, when it will be oficially openned the Congress schedule. The proposal is to agregate part of the cultural leaderships, in a way of keep making the debates that strongly mark the agenda of network cooperation of the civil society.

The networks are new ways of social participation, which has been making possible also other renewed ways of doing politics: with empowerment, specially the youth. It’s about a new way of militancy and political formation, which organically talk with a new generation borned and/or raised into the internet logics and languages.

To members of Fora do Eixo’s collectives, is fundamental to understand these new dynamics and to create public politics and different platforms of exchange that that improvethese laboratories and relations. Those are proposal that are generating inventions at the most several fields of the knowledge, and that help us understand the challenges and propositions for the societies of this XXI Century.