Collaborative Schedule

To enhance the discussion spaces, the congress will be a constant living and flowing meeting, absorving each idea and suggestion in real time. It is a format that has the goal of guarantee the fluidity of the debates and the collaborative and participative construction of the ontent. We’ll replace the old practices of long debates by dynamic spaces of talk, deconferences, free meetings, circles of ideas and reflection over the present and future time.

The Congress also makes room for other collectives, networks and other groups to insert it’s proposal of self-managed activitie. The applications to proposal of schedule will be openned from 6th to 20th November and that can be seen the government’s website.


A circuit at the National Congress will take place at 03 and 04. The idea is to take the street and internet themes to inside the national Congress, building bridges of dialogue with the between the brazillian legislation ahd the cultural movements and networks betwee all over the coninent. Public hearings, seminars and conferences are predicted to happen at the both houses: Chamber a Senate. Soon, complete information about the circuit will be released to the public.