In 2008 the Off-Axis performed the first Congress that expanded the collective and collaborative economy in the network and partners and consolidating the Off-Axis Card. Held in Cuiabá (MT) it was very important for the sixth annual “Grito Rock” Festival, the Calango Festival and the Circuit of Festivals from Minas Gerais.


In the following year the Congress hapenned in Rio Branco (AC) and stated the creation of the Charter of Principles and Rules of Procedure, systematizing further technologies created so far. At this point the network starts operating with regional coordinators as reference points. The movement, sustainability, communication, stage and sound area, music, audiovisual and theater we the main focus.

In 2010, the Off-Axis performs the first experiences of regionals congresses. This year the columns (project of circulation of the agents) were intensified and the national meeting was hold in Uberlândia for 7 days, with 200 working groups, discussions, meetings and free advice. It’s the kick off for the University of Cultures.


In 2011 Congress was held at Ibirapuera Auditorium and the Palace of Arts, at the University of São Paulo. It was the mark of the strengthening of relations with Latin American networks and consolidation of 4 simulacrum: Bank, Party, University and Media. About two thousand people from 8 countries attended.

2012 was non-stop for Off-Axis. There were dozens of columns and immersions in Brazil and Latin America, two meetings of the National Coordination, besides the consolidation of others networks such as PosTV, Media NINJA, Bank and University of Cultures and Brazilian Network of Festivals.

In 2013 the Off-Axis reaffirms it principles, as well as partnerships with networks in Latin America and Africa. The idea is to strengthen the mesh concerned with substantive policies and programs in 2014.