Fora do Eixo’s Congress will take place in December, at the federal capital

The meeting, that happens between days 01 and 07 of december, will be marked by debates at the National Congress and the presence of networks of all Latin America. The applications are open until November 30th

From December’s 1st to 07th, cultural and free media makers from all over the country will be together in Brasilia to evaluate the year of 2013, trought conjecture analysis, and to make alliances that will mark the coming year of 2014. At the opportunity, themes such as politics; economy; free formation, between others, will be in evidence, gathering at the table cultural coordinators and producers; journalists; free media workers; artists; researchers; legislators and interested people from all over Brazil and other countries of Latin America during the 07 days of activities.

The gathering will take place right after the 3rd National Culture Conferece that will gather thousands of cultural agents at the federal capital until december’s 1st, when it will be oficially openned the Congress schedule. The proposal is to agregate part of the cultural leaderships, in a way of keep making the debates that strongly mark the agenda of network cooperation of the civil society.

The networks are new ways of social participation, which has been making possible also other renewed ways of doing politics: with empowerment, specially the youth. It’s about a new way of militancy and political formation, which organically talk with a new generation borned and/or raised into the internet logics and languages.
To members of Fora do Eixo’s collectives, is fundamental to understand these new dynamics and to create public politics and different platforms of exchange that that improvethese laboratories and relations. Those are proposal that are generating inventions at the most several fields of the knowledge, and that help us understand the challenges and propositions for the societies of this XXI Century.

Collaborative Schedule

To enhance the discussion spaces, the congress will be a constant living and flowing meeting, absorving each idea and suggestion in real time. It is a format that has the goal of guarantee the fluidity of the debates and the collaborative and participative construction of the ontent. We’ll replace the old practices of long debates by dynamic spaces of talk, deconferences, free meetings, circles of ideas and reflection over the present and future time.

The Congress also makes room for other collectives, networks and other groups to insert it’s proposal of self-managed activitie. The applications to proposal of schedule will be openned from 6th to 20th November and that can be seen the government’s website.
A circuit at the National Congress will take place at 03 and 04. The idea is to take the street and internet themes to inside the national Congress, building bridges of dialogue with the between the brazillian legislation ahd the cultural movements and networks betwee all over the coninent. Public hearings, seminars and conferences are predicted to happen at the both houses: Chamber a Senate. Soon, complete information about the circuit will be released to the public.

 ‘Living’ Edital

The 5º Fora do Eixo’s Congress opens applications to those who’re interested in participating from the production teams of production, programming and comunicaion. The applications stay oppened of 06 a 17 November and that can be realized bt our website. The ‘living’ period is from 25h November to 10th December, in Brasilia. The idea is part of the living of Universidade das Culturas, making possible the capacitation trought the exchange of knowledge and practical experience.

The livings are a renowned proccess at the Universidade das Culturas as a condition to cidadan formation, with focus on the sharing of social technologies, developed by laboratories of collective experiences.

As inscrições podem ser feitas no site do Congresso.

Leia o edital.

Open registrations

To participate all you have to do is fill out this form and attend to the specified places. There will be no selection of participants, limited only by the size of the space which will respect the people that have previously subcribed and the order of arrival.

For more information see our website


In 2008 the Off-Axis performed the first Congress that expanded the collective and collaborative economy in the network and partners and consolidating the Off-Axis Card. Held in Cuiabá (MT) it was very important for the sixth annual “Grito Rock” Festival, the Calango Festival and the Circuit of Festivals from Minas Gerais.

In the following year the Congress hapenned in Rio Branco (AC) and stated the creation of the Charter of Principles and Rules of Procedure, systematizing further technologies created so far. At this point the network starts operating with regional coordinators as reference points. The movement, sustainability, communication, stage and sound area, music, audiovisual and theater we the main focus.

In 2010, the Off-Axis performs the first experiences of regionals congresses. This year the columns (project of circulation of the agents) were intensified and the national meeting was hold in Uberlândia for 7 days, with 200 working groups, discussions, meetings and free advice. It’s the kick off for the University of Cultures.

In 2011 Congress was held at Ibirapuera Auditorium and the Palace of Arts, at the University of São Paulo. It was the mark of the strengthening of relations with Latin American networks and consolidation of 4 simulacrum: Bank, Party, University and Media. About two thousand people from 8 countries attended.

2012 was non-stop for Off-Axis. There were dozens of columns and immersions in Brazil and Latin America, two meetings of the National Coordination, besides the consolidation of others networks such as PosTV, Media NINJA, Bank and University of Cultures and Brazilian Network of Festivals.

In 2013 the Off-Axis reaffirms it principles, as well as partnerships with networks in Latin America and Africa. The idea is to strengthen the mesh concerned with substantive policies and programs in 2014.

Out of Exis

A network of culture and communication that brings together collectives and partners spread across some 300 cities. In seven years spurred the creation of dozens of projects, which in turn fueled the development of other networks such as the University of Culture, the Bank of Cultures, the Brazilian Network of Festivals and Media NINJA.


O que: Congresso Fora do Eixo

Quando: 01 a 07 de dezembro

Onde: Em Brasília

Mais informações: (61) 3264 6131 ou [email protected]

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